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Elimar began singing at age 5 when her passion for microphones and media began. 


She founded her Pop - Rock band “E276” in Seattle in 2004, where she was the leading vocalist. With her band, she achieved tours throughout the West Coast of the United States in just four years. She completed the E276 ERA with her second album "Un Día Como Hoy" (A Day Like Today) where she presents her own original musical material. E276's first production “Quién es Quién” (Who is Who) has been used for radio and television commercials. Furthermore, the initial 3000 printed copies were sold in one year.


Elimar decided to sing Latin tropical music in 2012 since there was a significant demand in the area. This is when she founded Orquesta "La Grande del North West"; they have played more than 100 shows in more than 40 different venues in the North West up to this year (2019). "Orquesta La Grande" has become Elimar's Orquesta:


Elimar started in 2015 a small Acoustic Music Show and a Solo Show for dinner restaurants and lounges where you can see her perform Latin ballads and Latin Lounge music in a more calmed setting:

PH. 206 383 5930 


"Dear elimar, Thank you so much for playing the 2015 Globe Awards! The music was fantastic - I have heard from so many guests that it was a highlight of the evening for them. I know you have a very full schedule, so I truly appreciate you taking the time to support the globalist in our mission to elevate diverse voices thru media. All our best Jessica - the Globalist Director"

Seattle based bilingual voice over actress specialized in English to Spanish voice overs

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