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Voice Over Artist




"As a video producer, I don't just capture moments; I craft experiences that linger in the hearts and minds of viewers long after the screen fades to black."

Video Producer

Elimar's vast experience in front of the camera made her explore Video Production more than a decade ago (behind the scenes). She has directed and produced multiple TV commercials and Corporate videos. Her latest production is a short film is "Phone Hacking". This is her first short film. "Phone hacking" has participated and won multiple film festivals around the world.

Istanbul Film Awards

  • Best Educational Short Film

  • Best Woman Director Short Film

  • Best Foreign Short Film

Cyber Film Festival

  • Best Short Technology Film

Stockholm Film & Television Festival

  • Semi finalist (Short Documentary Film)

Imagine Rain Independent Film Awards

  • Official Selection

Renderyard Film Festival

  • Official Selection 

Hispanic Film Festival

  • Official selection

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