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Voice Over Standard Rates.

Non-Broadcast Jobs

The cost for non-broadcast jobs varies based on the finished minutes or word count of your script. All projects other than TV, radio, and online ads are categorized as non-broadcast. In addition to our budget recommendation tool that suggests a budget based on the specifics of your job as you post it, Voices suggests the following or your project:

elimar ugueto rate sheet voice over

Broadcast Jobs

The cost for broadcast jobs vary based on the category of work, the sort of market the spot will air in, and the duration of time the spot will run. Examples of broadcast jobs include TV, radio, and online ads. Voices suggests the following for commercials and ads:

elimar ugueto rate sheet voice over

What is in-perpetuity?

In-perpetuity refers to usage that has no end date. It can be used as long as the client likes, so long as it is on the predetermined media source (ie: TV, radio, online).

What’s the difference between in-perpetuity and a full buyout?

The difference comes down to usage.

A full buyout has unlimited usage on an unlimited amount of media. In-perpetuity relates to the time of the usage but can only be used on the pre-agreed upon media.

What is exclusivity?

An exclusivity agreement regulates the type of jobs that voice over talent can accept after working with the client. For example, a client like Nike may not permit a voice actor they have hired to do any work with a main competitor like Adidas. The client will most likely want to clarify this ahead of time by stipulating exclusivity.

How do renewals for licensed content work?

Renewals occur when broadcast work is being used beyond the originally agreed upon timeframe. Additional compensation is required.

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